Saturday, August 6, 2011

Losing Addison by Marty Beaudet

Losing Addison

From the book cover
Les McCubbin is an ordinary guy, but he doesn’t think much of himself. “I’m dull, mercurial, and often morose. Always Les,” he tells us. But he is passionate about his fraternal twin brother Addison who, he says, “is everything I’m not: tall, blond, athletic, outgoing.”

Despite the psychic bond the brothers share with one another, Addison comes and goes as he pleases, in and out of Les’s life, often leaving a trail of trouble for his brother to clean up. His final act upon the stage, however, leaves both lives changed forever

 I owe Marty Beaudet an apology! This slim little book got lost in the "to read pile" and I came across it as I was trying to organize. I have had this book for some time. Sorry for the delay in the review, Marty! 

Losing Addison is a wonderful novella. It is well written and a fast read. I finished it in a few hours, which was good. Had it been any longer, I would not have done anything else until I finished it!

This is a psychological thriller. It has some surprises along the way. Some that you might see coming and others that are more unexpected. It was totally different than I was expecting, which is in my opinion part of what makes a good thriller!

I would love to read some more by Marty Beaudet!
Thank You to Marty and GoodReads for the opportunity to read and review this book

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