Monday, December 12, 2011

Pandora's Key by Nancy Richardson Fischer


Prepare to be disappointed! 
You are going to want to read the other books in this trilogy and they are not in print yet!  This is a story based on Greek mythology with a paranormal flavor but is classified as an urban fantasy. I can't wait for the other books to be available.  In a field of YA books, this one stands out.  It is a refreshing change of pace from the vampires.  This one is not just another Twilight wannbe!

The main character, Evangeline has some unusual abilities, such as smelling pictures and dreams that are a little too real.  All the characters are well written an interesting.  Teens will definitely relate to the characters, especially Evangeline.  Throw in a couple of secret sects that are more than a little interested in  Evangeline, one heirloom key necklace and a few twists and turns and you won't want to put it down.  This one will keep you guessing!   It is a fast read.  I finished it in a day and a half.   I plan to pass this one on to my 15 year old daughter.

There is just enough romance in the story, but no graphic love scenes (one of my big complaints about YA books in general).  This one is safe for 12 and 13 year old's to read! Yeah!

The cover art is unique and eye catching.  I would have picked this one off the shelf, if I hadn't received a review copy directly from the author. (I am always impressed when a book comes from the author and not the publisher.)  I am so glad that I can honestly give this one 4 stars.  I am anxiously awaiting the next book!

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