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Betrayal's Shadow, The Guardians of Eden Book I by KH LeMoyne

Betrayal's Shadow (The Guardians of Eden, #1)

Quoted from GoodReads:

What would you do to save your people from extinction? 
What if your race held the key to mankind’s future? 
One Guardian will risk hell to change the future. 

Descended from the race of Guardians, Turen’s people have survived the last two hundred years, quarantined and isolated. Living in secrecy with no mates and no offspring, they fail to deliver on their ability to replenish and heal human souls through the birth of their Guardian children. Risking his life, Turen chooses capture at the hands of a comrade-turned-enemy to seek answers to change the future. 

Mia Bowman has no knowledge of the secret Guardian race. Yet, her uncontrollable, nocturnal summons to Turen’s prison cell and her strong sense of justice leave her with little choice but to help him. She can heed his warning and stay clear of his people’s problems or she can ferret out the lies and unravel an ancient tale of murder and deceit. It will take an ultimate sacrifice to stop the unexpected evil and reverse a fatal ending to the Guardian line. 

A race of beings created in a Sanctum at the far edge of Eden. Co-existing with mankind, they safeguarded human souls and the promise of eternity—until a virus killed all over the age of eighteen. The surviving children fled to the Sanctum for protection, children raising children without the full legacy of their history and knowledge. Two hundred years of solitude have produced a race of semi-immortals fortified with powers and intellect but lacking the mates who will make them whole and allow them to fulfill their covenant with mankind.

My Rating Scores:
Cover Art Rating: *****       5 out of 5 stars
Overall Content: ****1/2      4.5 out of 5 stars

A race of human-like beings known as Guardians,  each with a unique super power. They coexist along side of  humans, created by God and charged with guiding humans from "perils if their own making".

The book begins with some strange events that happen to the main character, Mia. I liked Mia. She is scarred by the betrayal of her dead husband, but attempting to move on with her life. She is persistent in her pursuit of knowledge and new skills, especially related to the new happenings in her life and she really does grow as a person throughout the book.

Of course, there is a male involved in this.  He is Turen. In his first scene, he is  barely clothed and restrained in a cell.  Even dirty and tied up, he is HOT! He's also smart and sensitive.  He's handy around the house and can create useful items out of junk.  What more could you want in a man?  How about some super powers and a very sexy tattoo?

The first sex scene is steaming! You knew there would be sex.  It is inevitable!  The scene is well written with just enough naughty bits thrown in.  Yummmm.

There actually is a plot in this book.  The author takes advantage of her newly created race and uses them to develop a pretty interesting story line.  I really liked that their "super powers" weren't just the usual ones we have seen before.  This is the first book in a series.  I am anticipating seeing  Mia and Turen in the next book, but I also want to see what happens with the secondary characters in the next book.  They appear to have great potential for more fun plot lines.

I Loved the cover art.  It just added fuel to my imagination as to what Turen looked like.  I also liked that I couldn't see his face.  It left more room for my imagination to create Turen as I wanted him to be.

Things I found confusing.... The monster's created by Xavier.  They just didn't seem to mesh with the rest of the setting and plot line.  I found them to be somewhat distracting and more than a little freaky.  I think they could have been edited out of the book.

The other thing that was never really resolved to my liking was the actual goal of the Guardians. What are they really supposed to be doing to save the humans?  It seemed like they were busy with the plague and other issues within their race, BUT....what were they supposed to be doing?  It is really never explained.  I guess that I need to read the rest of the books in the series to find out!  Now,  I love instant gratification and do not like to wait, so I gave the book 4.5 stars, instead of 5. (Actually, the monsters mentioned above was the real reason.)

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