Thursday, March 10, 2011

Virgin Blogger

This blog is a place to record my thought about the books I read
To recommend books to my friends and family
and to try out a new avenue for communication....

I like many types of books
I have books stacked on my beside table
in my car
in my office
and on my phone

I want an e-reader some day

I can spend half a day in a book store
I hate to get rid of books, unless I am passing them on to another passionate reader

I love recommending books to my friends' children
I think reading is the best way to escape

I have stayed up all night reading

When I started reading I thought that books should be read from right to left
I sometimes still read the ending of a book first

I used to climb a tree and read to escape my siblings

I read when I should be doing other things
I usually  don't like the movie based on a imagination is always better

I am proud that both of my children are "readers"

Of all  my senses, I would hate to lose my vision...I hope it's the last thing to go

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