Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bright of the Sky by Kay Kenyon Prometheus Books (2008) - ISBN 1591026016

The first book of the Entire and the Rose series and the first book I read on a kindle....and it was free!
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Titus Quinn , his wife Johanna and 9 year old daughter Sydney are stranded in a parallel universe.  That is where the similarities to other books I have read end.

The Setting:   The new universe, called the "Entire"is described in vivid detail.  The book flips back and forth between a future day earth and the parallel universe.  The Entire is described in vivid detail and it allowed my imagination to take over and form a three dimensional planet as I read.

I found some of the more "scientific" explanations beyond my grasp, but it did not distract me too much from the actual story.  Some will find these explanations interesting and supportive details necessary to the book.   I'm just not one of them.

The Characters:  Titus Quinn is a wonderfully flawed hero.  His character and many of the others seemed to walk right off the page.  The reader get incite into all aspects of his personality and his character as it changes throughout the book.

The other characters are just as engaging.  The different species and variety of sentient beings   that walk in and out of the storyline are odd and interesting in ways that are sometimes surprising.  They add to the texture of the Entire, giving it life.

What I liked:  Obviously, the characters and the world of the Entire.  There are many under lying themes within this book.  It would be an interesting book club selection.  The topic of discussion range from religion to ethics.  For those of you that prefer not to look to deeply and just want to be entertained, this book will satisfy!

The writing flowed well, with the exception of one part in the middle of the book.  The fact that it is meant to be a series and the book left several plots unfinished.  I love that I can look forward to reading more about this intriguing new universe and these interesting characters!

What I did not like:  As I mentioned the more detailed technical explanations seemed to distract me from the plot.  The writer was very cognizant of this fact and kindly repeated many of the details so I didn't have to back track to remember what a certain term meant.  As I said, many will find that this adds to the story.  Don't let this scare you away from this is a journey worth taking!

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