Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Sisters Brothers: A Novel by Patrick deWitt

The Sisters Brothers: A Novel

Hardcover, 336 pages
Expected publication: May 1st 2011 by Ecco

Let me start by saying that I am not so sure how useful this review will be to anyone.  I just didn't get the humor or point of this book.  From the cover art to the last page, I felt confused.  I read the reviews of others that have loved this book, but I really didn't care for it.  

The book is set in the old west during the gold rush.  It follows two brothers who are paid killers.  They also murder other characters in the book that they just don't like.  I found the conversational between the two brothers bizarre.  They had huge vocabularies and spoke as well as a Harvard educated professors.  I assume that this is part of the humor that others enjoyed, but as I said, I just didn't get it.  I kept reading, expecting  more, but it didn't deliver.  I guess my sense of humor is not sophisticated enough to enjoy this book.

Thanks to Ecco publishers for allowing me to read and review this book.

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